where it all started.

What started as a small Instagram competition to design a logo for the olympics as if they were held in your own city, soon became a small business with a big dream. 

After creating a design to enter into the competition, a few of Kirtan's followers told him that they would buy a shirt with the design on it. He thought about it for a day and finally decided that he would create the shirt.


social good at the core.

As the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the idea of utilizing this unique opportunity to make a difference in the Atlanta community came about. Kirtan decided that 100% of the profits from the shirt sales would go to Open Hand Atlanta, a charity that supplies balanced meals to food insecure individuals in the Atlanta area.

He anticipated selling around 50-75 total shirts, but within 24 hours of having the order form open, over 200 shirts had already been ordered. But it didn't stop there... in the end, over 700 ATL Peach shirts were sold raising just under $10,000 for Open Hand Atlanta.

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from then to now.

Due to the success of the ATL Peach shirt, Kirtan decided to continue creating designs to support organizations that make big impacts in the community. 

He has brought on board Shirali Desai as a partner to help grow the business and the two of them are constantly working to create sweet apparel and products that have a purpose and a meaning. 

our philosophy

We are rooted in the idea of beginning not with a design in mind, but rather an organization that we believe stands for something important. Once we pick a beneficiary organization and truly understand their goals and intentions then only do we design a product.

We believe in the idea that social good comes first - apparel comes second.

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